The Ten Three


Back in 2011, I asked some friends to help me find out if a picture was truly worth a thousand words. The result was The Ten Three, a site with essays of one thousand words and accompanying photography. It was different, exciting (for me at least), and unique, using three different takes on a…

My talented friend is putting together a cool project. Get on it!




Hayley Atwell laying waste to the Agent Carter set: A Timeline

Excited to note that Peggy will be doing a lot of fight scenes. Delighted to read Hayley Atwell’s tweets about it in the meantime.

Hayley Atwell: life goals.


Anywhere is the place for a lesbian subtext! And again, it was the eighties, and we were all really conscious that there were certain elements missing from mainstream culture and, as far as possible, if you got a chance to chuck them in there, you were duty-bound to do it. The same as having an Asian character – it looks a bit clunky now, but at the time you actually had to fight for those things, and you could only do it – Alan Plater told me this trick later, and I’d inadvertently done it – he told me that basically if you say "This character’s Asian" they won’t let you have that character, but if you give a character an Asian name, a name they can’t assume won’t be anything else, then they’ll get you an Asian actor, or a black actor, or whatever. And what’s that? Fifteen years ago? Seventeen years?

Toward the start of our long conversation, as we sat down to a salad that she’d made us for lunch, she warned me that she sometimes chewed with her mouth open.

“I’ll probably choke at some point,” she added. “Or spit on you.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I think we’ve identified American Emma Thompson. Lovely NYTimes profile.