But when it comes to Kate, it’s the sexism that’s most relevant. Revisionist fans may choose to ignore it, but the Brigadier was pretty much an old-school misogynist. He said something like the following (though this is by far the most egregious) to pretty much every one of the Doctor’s female companions, all of whom had to lock him up, throw him out of cars, or generally just run away in order to do their job of being awesome:

BRIGADIER: “Well, you’re a young woman. This is a job for my men.”
ISOBEL: “Well, of all the bigoted, anti-feminist, cretinous remarks…”
BRIGADIER: “This is no job for a girl like you. Now that’s final.”

It’s impossible to believe that he even supported Kate having a career, let alone a career at UNIT. She would have had to fight tooth and nail to prove herself, and probably more than once. Someone who grew up that way would not break down at the first sign of trouble. She could not have reached her current title without a whole lot of strong will and self-belief.

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